Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our week

My mom has been visiting the last few days, and while we enjoyed having her here, it throws me off. Haven and I have such a rhythm to our days so when there is someone else here, we get out of our usual sync. It's not a bad thing, merely an observation. So the last few days have found me doing less of my normal routine, but more of the fun stuff. Insert list of the fun stuff:

-We initiated my mom to Ikea. She thoroughly enjoyed her visit and came out a few bucks poorer for it. She also now understands why we like to eat lunch there.

-We got to visit my grandma who is in an assisted living facility about an hour from us. It was wonderful to see her and to watch Haven interact with her. I am resolved to go see her more often!

-Cale and I got to go on a date last night. We had a great time with another couple at dinner; we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful evening at the Greene. I don't even remember the last time we went on a double date so it's obviously been too long!

-My mom helped me cross off a major item on my to-do list: cleaning my pantry. I have a huge walk-in pantry which is a lovely and wonderful thing. But it is so large that it can get out of control quickly because I can just throw stuff wherever. It is now in ship-shape and I was able to purge some barely used items. It feels good to have that one done!

-I made Haven some bean bags the other night. Cale is a big fan of them! I used some left over Dick and Jane fabric from her table and they turned out really cute. Thanks again to Amber for the crafty link love a few weeks ago!

-This last one really isn't anything fun that we did, but it is a fun new blog that I found and am loving. Yes, it's a food blog full of great ideas and I encourage you to check out Prudence Pennywise. She's all about fixing healthy, cheap and good food for her family.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of our off-kilter weekend!

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