Monday, July 7, 2008

A new week and it's quiet around here

It's quiet at my house this morning. There's no almost 2.5 year old keeping me company. Since there's so much quiet bouncing around these walls, I've been reminded of a few things I've been meaning to share, but since I'm feeling uninspired a list format is all I've got!

-I mentioned last week about my efforts to do more hands-on project-y things with Haven. Well, a source of inspiration has come from a great little book called "The Preschoolers Busy Book" I heard about it on one of the kid crafty blogs I frequent Plum Pudding, which has also been a great resource. The book is filled with simple, easy ideas as well as some more involved projects. I highly recommend it and you can buy it super cheap on Amazon.

-I read this post last week that really encouraged and challenged me about my attitude in taking care of my home and how I'm spending my time. I have added Elizabeth George's "A Woman After God's Own Heart" to my immediate read list!

-I know I always seem to be singing the praises of some new foody blog, but seriously my new favorite is fantastic. Dinner with Julie is a year in the kitchen of a food writer/stylist/cook who lives in Calgary. She is documenting what she fixes for dinner every night. Despite her work in dealing with more "sophisticated" food, at the end of the day she's just a mom trying to feed her family. I don't even know how I stumbled onto her site, but I'm so glad I did. I have been reading through her archives the last week or so and have made three of her "recipes" already. She is full of great methods to use in cooking and has tons of great lower-fat/calorie recipes. She's witty, too, so it's a great read!

(After several people commenting on the fact that some her dinners come across as food no one fixes on a weeknight (or ever!) she offered this advice. She says is that if you write out in detail what you're actually eating for dinner it sounds much more impressive. For example, the other night we had grilled chicken breasts and vegetable couscous. Doesn't it sound much better when I say we had Grilled Buttermilk Herb Chicken and Couscous with Summer Roasted Vegetables, Feta and Chopped Fresh Herbs? I like it!)

-A huge praise- I don't have a hole in my bathroom ceiling anymore! We found someone to do the work relatively quickly (and cheaply) and he's working away this week to give us two working bathrooms again. We are so thankful to have this almost taken care of!

-Cale and I were doing some shopping yesterday and wandered into Pottery Barn Kids. We weren't in the market for anything because Haven won't be moving into her new room for at least 6 months and we won't know what we need for our new baby for a long time yet. BUT...sometimes good deals just can't be walked away from. We got Haven a quilt and shams for her bed at a most amazing price. It was the last floor model that they had and I couldn't pass it up! We didn't buy the sheets that are shown with it (I don't really like them!). We'll probably do some polka dots or something. I've got lots of time to plan, so there is no rush!

That's all I've got! I'm off to find some constructive ways to use my Hay-less time!

Happy Monday!


Matt and Traci said...

Okay... I'm sitting here crying now thanks to you! I love it! Haven is the sweetest little thing. I can't wait to see her in about 3 weeks!

:)) Traci

Mike said...

Great links and great read.


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