Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation: In Pictures

We have been on a mini-vacation of sorts the last few days. We had a lovely time, but arrived home to a leaky toilet on the newly installed floor. So here are a few pictures until I have either a) time, b) the inclination and c) a combo of a and b to write more about what we did!

at Presque Isle
my bathing beauty blowing me kisses
enjoying watermelon at Chatauqua Lake
Haven and her cousin A
silly girl enjoying the beautiful summer night

Haven's first merry-go-round with Nana at the zoo

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Amber said...

I was just looking at your post when maya came over and shrieked, "It's Haven!!!". She pointed to the picture of Haven in the pink shirt and said, "Awww, look, pretty! It's cute. Look at that shirt!". Hilarious. They are already recognizing one another's fashioin.