Friday, February 20, 2009

It's a boy...and a car picnic

I'm an aunt for the sixth time over today! And aunt-to-a-sweet-baby-boy for the fourth. He arrived safely this morning and he's now about 5 hours old and yet to be named. We are heading his way later this afternoon and I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet bundle of newborness.

In efforts to eat healthier and save some cash we've taken to packing our meals when we hit the road. Tonight's dinner will be consumed while we speed towards Cleveland. I decided to keep it simple and make turkey wraps. Why am I telling you this? Because I have a secret weapon on my turkey wraps; roasted red pepper mayo. And it could not be simpler! I have a mini food processor that I make mine in, but you can use any food processor or even blender to make it. I usually do 2-3 Tbs mayo and half a pepper with a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper and that is enough for 2 sandwiches and leaves us with enough leftovers for another one. It's great on wraps and paninis and just dresses up a plain old turkey sandwich in a delightful way. It's a great fake-out and will impress anyone you serve it to. (I promise! This has happened to me on several occasions!)

Today, I had a plethora of red peppers so I roasted my own following this easy method. And let me just mention that I am loving this new-to-me site. I must also mention that I have a small problem with peppers, hence the plethora of them in my fridge. I did a breakdown of my grocery spending for January last week and would you believe me if I told you I bought 27 peppers last month? Does that seem excessive to anyone besides me?!! In my defense, I took veggie trays to 2 different parties in January, but that only accounts for about 6. That means Cale and I consumed more then 20 peppers last month. Whoa. At least they are good for you!

I've got to go finish packing that car picnic and get the car loaded so we can hit the road as soon as Cale gets home. I've got someone very important to meet tonight!

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Marisa said...

Congrats! Enjoy meeting the newest addition to the family!