Thursday, February 5, 2009

The three year old's birthday recap

Haven's birthday was a success all around. There was a cake, presents and pizza which I'm pretty sure is some sort of preschooler trifecta. We're thankful she was able to celebrate with all of her bestest buds and to be surrounded by people who really love her. A few picture highlights for your viewing pleasure:

Chocolate chip pancakes to start the day per the birthday girl's request

One of her many gifts- a Princess game for her new LeapPad

Me and my girl

Hugging the life out of her new "Carey-Barey" as she likes to call it

The strawberry cake with a big "H" on top and Strawberry Shortcake accessories

Gibson and Haven patiently waiting for some food (and looking cute!)

Savoring every minute of having all the attention


jenny said...

What cute pics....glad she had a great day! I love the cake...did you make that or order it somewhere? I love it! Hope you're having a great week.

Traci said...

We had a great time celebrating w/you. I love all the pictures and can't believe Haven is 3 yrs old! What a big and adorable girl!