Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter fades to spring

I love winter. I truly relish the snow and cold and bundling up in scarves and hats and mittens. But for some reason this winter has seemed especially cold and long. Perhaps it's the 50 degree temps outside today playing with my heart, but it is official: I am over winter. I'm done.

I'm ready for warmer breezes reviving our winter-logged house and blue skies that beckon us outside. I am craving long walks on the bike trail and conversations that get picked up right where we left them while we walk. I am ready to get my hands dirty and my feet muddy as we labor to revive our yard and coax plants to grow. I can already hear Haven's squeals of delight as she terrorizes the neighborhood on her trike.

The weather today is a tease; after all, it is still February. But it reminds me of what's to come and that's always a good thing.