Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three years later

Three years ago this afternoon I was in labor. Six short hours later (well, they weren't short in the midst of them!) a love affair began when I first laid eyes on my daughter. Three years later, it's a story that continues to be written. And gets better by the day!

I'm not sure where the last three years have gone. Days filled with changing diapers, endless feedings and sleeplessness have given way to dress-up, art projects and reading books. And we've been everywhere in between. The first smile and laugh. (Now she's a comedian and lives to make others smile and laugh.) The joy of learning to walk. (Now she runs everywhere and is always being told to slow down!) The first real foods. (She's a born carnivore and will take meat anything over whatever else you're offering!) The magical first and second and thirtieth words. (Now it's paragraphs with barely a breath in between telling me what we should do, when we should do and how it can get done.)

One thing hasn't changed though; I'm still in awe of my daughter. Three years of watching this amazing little girl grow and develop. She is total joy. Today, I'm especially thankful that she's mine.

Happy Birthday, Haven!


Marisa said...

Happy Birthday, Haven! She's so sweet! I hope you had a great birthday celebration...even if there wasn't any beef for dinner :)

Shiny said...

Happy Birthday Haven!