Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa

Haven has been asking a lot of questions about Santa Claus lately. We don't make too big of a deal about Santa around here, choosing to focus on what we really celebrate at Christmas. But we also think don't think there is anything wrong with having Santa be a part of our Christmas celebrations. We have focused on the real story of Saint Nicholas to be the starting point of talking about Santa Claus; so at our house Santa brings toys and treats to fill stockings.

Over Thanksgiving weekend she was informed by her cousins that Santa was at the mall which was BIG news to Haven and started her asking to go see him. We haven't managed to do that (although she did see him at the Christmas parade last night- more about that later) but still might. So today Cale suggested that she write Santa a letter so he could be sure to know what she'd like. It's too sweet and I just had to share. I promise this was all her- I just wrote it down!

Dear Santa,
Hi! How's you wife? How are your reindeer? I would like some lipstick and a little baby and you can pick the rest of it. How is your packing going for all those kids? We will leave you a cup of milk and a couple cookies.


I love this girl and I love getting to celebrate all the wonderfulness of Christmas with her!


Amber said...

love that girl!

Lindsay said...

That is a sweet letter!