Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nutcracker

Sunday afternoon, Haven and I got ourselves dressed up and headed downtown to see our first performance of "The Nutcracker." Everything about the day was fun; seeing her react to the large theater, taking in the Christmas displays set up in the lobby, the magic of the performance, sharing it with friends and having special time with my girl. Of course, we had our moments! Like when Haven got her leg stuck in her seat right as the show was beginning and I started to panic. Or when she asked halfway through the show, "When are they bringing out the snacks?" It was a wonderful afternoon and I look forward to sharing "The Nutcracker" with Haven in the years to come!

BFFs getting ready to find our seats
So glad we got to share it with these girls!

They were both so good during the show! We were proud of them! (And could they clash any worse against that wall! Yikes!)


Amber said...

great memories made! i need to upload my photos! and maybe make them all b&w thanks to that wall, ha!

Jeremy and Jeni said...

So sweet! Those are two lucky little girls to have each other and great Mommy's too. Looks like lots of fun!