Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 didn't go off quite like I expected; we wound up with a sick girl who just wasn't herself. But we still had a great day together as a family celebrating our Savior's birthday even if it wasn't quite what I'd imagined. Now I'm in full speed ahead mode as we prepare for my family to spend the next three days at our house. A few pics from our day for prosperity...

Christmas Eve before church- me and my babies!
Oh I love these two kids! I wish you could see more of Mati's rocking plaid pants! He was too much in them!
Cale and sick little Haven, forcing a smile for me.
Mati was not that into gifts- or at least the appropriate usage of gifts. This is what he thought of Cale's new Steelers boxers!
Haven really tried to act excited about her presents, but those sick little eyes give her away.
Mati preferred sliding across, climbing and sitting on packages as opposed to actually opening them and seeing what was inside!

Hope your day was merry!


Marisa said...

Oh! I'm so sorry Haven was sick :( My sister's little girl was sick too. Mati was a hoot though!

Jess said...

oh -- haven's little sick smile - so sad and oh so cute. i guess sickness was in the air on Christmas...let's just hope the rest of us don't get it!