Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year

I firmly believe that God's mercies are new each morning. I don't need a new year, or a new month or a new week to have a fresh start. But that doesn't mean I'm not immune to the pull of the calendar turning to a new page. So here I sit on the first evening on the first day of a new year and think about goals and resolutions and plans. I don't have a list to share because it can all be summed up in one word: balance. That works itself out in various ways, but it all comes back to finding balance in every area of my life.

I feel like I made great headway in finding balance in several areas of my life in the past year; other areas still need a lot of work. But that's when I come back to the truth that His mercies are new every morning. I don't have to get it all together tomorrow. Or the day after that. His grace is sufficient for each new day. And I truly believe that as I seek Him, which is always a "goal", the rest will come. With His help, I can be the wife and mom I'm supposed to be. I can use my time wisely. I can get up earlier so I can get important things taken care of before little people need me. I can learn something new and read to expand my mind. I can be more engaged in the world around me. I can use the resources He's given to us with greater care and thought.

And my greatest hope is that on the first night of the first day of our next new year, I can say that I know Him more. Here's to a new year!


Marisa said...

I love this! It is so true!

Jess said...

well said.