Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A stack of goodness

I love to read. I always have, even from a young age. My favorite thing to do on summer vacation was go and get a stack of books 20 high and read them all in the two weeks before they were due back. Time doesn't allow such reading habits anymore, but the love for it is still there. People who know me well know this about me evidenced by the stack of books I received as Christmas and birthday gifts.

So here's a look at what I'm currently reading or will be reading soon... (from the top)
-Jesus Lives by Sarah Young : I already mentioned how much I am enjoying this book and that hasn't changed in the last few weeks. Great encouragement/conviction daily.

-The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson : I loved Clarkson's Mission of Motherhood and I'm sure that this will be equally as good. Thanks, Jenny!

-This Momentary Marriage by John Piper : It's been awhile since I've read any books by Piper and I've been missing out I think! This book is thick and rich (of course, it's Piper!), but so readable and applicable to my marriage. I'm halfway through and already planning a re-read!

-Ten P's in a Pod by Arnold Pent III : A family's story of their life as they travelled across the country with their eight children in tow. Should be a fascinating read. Thanks, Julie!

-Adopted for Life by Russell Moore : I have heard nothing but great things about this book. Obviously God has already opened our hearts about adoption, but I'm excited to read this book about how the church can be the church in caring for orphans.

-The Used World by Haven Kimmel : I found this little gem perusing the clearance rack at the cheap bookstore and was beyond delighted with the find. I've been a fan of Kimmel's since reading her first book A Girl Named Zippy several years ago. And yes, it is where I first heard the name Haven and filed it away until it was needed. I started it last night and am thoroughly engaged 30 pages in.

Other things I'm reading include my five magazine subscriptions, our home group books (there's two), Ramona the Brave with Haven (plus 10 others a day!), and of course, the Bible. And I love all of it! Give me a few spare minutes and you'll likely find me with a book in hand.

What are you reading?


Marisa said...

Oh how I miss the days of careless summer days filled with reading!!! I'm going to have to add some of the books on your list to my "must" reads! Right now I'm reading, Jesus Calling, Crazy Love, Raising Godly Tomatoes, the Bible and a couple magazines.... and of course, blogs :)

jenny said...

So fun to have new books to read.....glad to have a few titles to add to my "wish list" after reading your post. I think I'll tackle reading the ones I already have stacked beside my bed for now. :)

Traci said...

I just started Captivating. I bought it for my mom for Christmas a few years ago, and now I'm borrowing it from her. I look forward to Mission of Motherhood and other books by Sally Clarkson!