Monday, February 1, 2010

A weekend of fun

A full weekend for us, and a good one at that...

-Dinner with friends: good food and good company
-A fun chick flick: The Proposal
-Brunch with more friends Saturday morning: more good food and good conversation
-Birthday party for Haven: errands run alone plus an Iced Capp
-Pizza, popcorn and a movie: sleepover with Haven for her birthday
-Church and classes: 1 Peter 4:2
-Yet another movie, this time at the theater with my girl: more popcorn and an okay movie
-Craft time: tackled this project, yelled at Cale in the process and it just turned out alright
-Awana for Haven: date for me and Cale (well, Mati was there, too!)

...and now I'm ready for a new week!


jess said...

i love that you added in - "yelled at cale in the process" - you make me laugh - sounds like you had a fab weekend!

Traci said...

We should do brunch as often as possible. I think it's my love language of food! I'm glad you had a fun-filled weekend! :))