Thursday, October 14, 2010



The world as I knew it stopped in that moment, never to return to the course I'd come to know. I was left to find a new path, a new way.

I'm still finding it.

But today I'll get up with a heart full of memories. I'll live the life I hope he'd be proud of. I'll kiss the babies he never got to meet. I'll fix a dinner he would have loved to enjoy at my table. I'll remember the good and push away the hard, just for today.

I'll keep finding my way.


Amber said...

praying for you today sweet friend!!!

jenny said...

Oh Kate, I know today is a hard day for you filled with many memories. Praying!

Marisa said...

I know this is a couple days late, but I'm praying for you as you process through the good and the painful. Love you!