Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall fun

Fall fun is in full swing around here. Several weeks ago we went to Wesler's Orchards and picked a full bushel of apples. It was a great place to go with the kids and we enjoyed seeing the barn animals, sampling some apple cider and picking eight different varieties of apples.
Quality control by Mati...

and Haven!

Sometimes you just need to climb up in the tree to get 'em!

Our trip to the orchard was just part of an almost perfect day. We drove on back roads and enjoyed the beautiful area that we live in. We had no agenda other then to get some apples and once that was accomplished we were spontaneous. The road led us to an adorable small town that I was immediately smitten with. I was already enamored, but when I was given directions to turn left at Annie Oakley (a statue) I was a goner. The day got even better when we happened upon an amazing sale at a KitchenAid store and my man purchased this for me (at a better price!). We even stumbled upon a garage sale and I scored 2 old small school desks complete with chairs for the kids for super cheap. It was just a beautiful day and we enjoyed being together with no real plans. That doesn't happen often enough. Then we walked in the door and Haven puked. Our idyllic day came to a screeching halt!

We've enjoyed several hikes and walks, taking in the gorgeous fall leaves and changing season. The kids loved going on a hike and collecting leaves to make leaf rubbings. They were a big hit around here.
A classic- leaf rubbings after a nature walk at The Narrows

This past weekend we went to a local farm that has all sorts of fun fall things to do. They are known for their maze, but mazes sound like a torture activity to me. The kids loved playing in the corn pit, trying out the -tiny- hay maze, petting animals and riding in the cow train. We also went on a great hay ride all around the property and through the woods. It was a perfect evening for it and we had so much fun!
Mastering the hay maze...didn't take much, but they liked it!
Mati got in and posed and then got out! He was not having this!
I love these two rascals so much!

Lots of fall fun around here! What have you been doing to enjoy my favorite of seasons?

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