Friday, April 15, 2011

The Final Season

Go ahead, roll your eyes.  I'm talking about Friday Night Lights...again.  Season Five, also now as the final season, begins tonight.  It's ridiculous how excited I am about that.  What's even more ridiculous is that we're having a little party to celebrate.  My guy can't be here to watch, so I've called in a reinforcement who is just as excited as I am.  It's going to be great!  I wouldn't be surprised if we even did a little toast and said, "Texas forever!" as we watched.  There could very well be a small tear shed as we hear the opening strains of the theme music.  Yeah, we're crazy, but we're okay with that.

Clear eyes...full hearts...

ps- i'd say yes are my best one.


Amber said...

CAN'T WAIT. i really could shed a tear just thinking about it! i'm ok w/being ridiculous!

Cale said...

Can't lose! Wish I were there. Be home soon.