Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spontaneous sunshine

We awoke to sunshine this morning and if you live anywhere near us, you know what a welcome sight that was.  Cale and I, realizing that the next several weeks of our life won't leave much time for spontaneity, decided to make the most of the day and do something together as a family.  Cale took the day off and we headed off to Carriage Hill park for the morning.  
Carriage Hill is a historical farm operating as if it were the 1880's. In addition to barns and a home to visit, you can also play in the visitors center and pretend you went to school and had farm chores.  The kids loved it in there.
Haven and the manure wagon.  She wasn't too excited when Cale explained to her the purpose of this particular equipment.  She had the same response when we discussed chamber pots.
Mati kept reiterating that he had a "fun time" at the farm, but he was terrified of the loose chickens and wouldn't go near any livestock.  
Can't say I blame him...this cow was eyeing me from across the field.  
In addition to mean looking cows, we got see some fresh little lambs.  One of the three was baaing like crazy the whole time we were in the barn.  They were sweet, but loud!  We also got to see horses, goats and pigs.
My little monkey...climbing up the ladder to no where, but she didn't care.  Probably not safe or legal, but who's to say.  You might be wondering why my children are wearing snow boots in April and I've got a good answer for you.  MUD.  It's everywhere here because it's done nothing but rain.  Surprisingly it wasn't too bad at the park, but we figured better safe then sorry.

We ended our day with a great dinner that Cale cooked on the grill.  Unfortunately it started to rain just when he needed to cook so he borrowed Haven's umbrella.  He makes me laugh.

A great day, minus some stinky kid (and parent) moments.  But that's life as a family I guess.  Some bad doesn't negate all the good.  We spent time together, did something fun, learned a little, laughed together and made a memory. I'll call this one a success!

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Marisa said...

Glad you were able to take advantage of such a beautiful day! Love the picture of Cale!