Tuesday, April 3, 2007

14 Things I Love About Haven

Haven is 14 months old today. Hard to believe how fast she is growing! In honor of her, here are a few of my favorite things about this crazy little girl!

1. Haven is so funny and loves to make us laugh. She is frequently our evening entertainment and just loves to be silly.

2. I love that Haven gets extra crazy at night, after her bath, right before bed. Sometimes she just runs around like crazy and falls down a lot and is just totally nutty.

3. I love the way she loves to look at herself in the mirror. She loves to smoosh her face up against a mirror if she can get close enough and is always just thoroughly delighted with the pretty girl looking back at her.

4. I love that she now gives me kisses (and only me!) and will "love" on me by giving me a hug. There is nothing sweeter than that. Oh, and don't forget the headbutts that she gives. They kinda hurt, but it's still cute!

5. Haven loves to dance! She doesn't even need music to get her going. She wiggles her hips and throws her right arm up and down. She has got some moves (which I think she learned from Cale!).

6. I love her fearlessness. I'm sure it will take us to some scary places in the future, but I hope that we can nurture the good parts of that and tame that not so good.

7. Haven is always teaching me something about myself. And about love.

8. Haven is sweet and sassy and strong-willed and happy and inquisitive. A dangerous combination!

9. I love the way Haven loves to read and will just sit and listen to book after book and will sit and "read" them on her own. She got that from me!

10. I love that Haven is her daddy's girl. She cries when Cale leaves for work and throws down whatever she's doing when she hears him come in the back door in the afternoon. She can't get enough of him and I don't blame her!

11. Haven loves other kids and is always delighted to see them when we are out and about. She laughs and points and waves at them like she can hardly contain herself. I wish people were that excited to see me!

12. I love when Haven wakes up in a good mood and you can hear her playing and running laps in her crib.

13. I love watching how much Haven is learning everyday. I love that you can tell her it's time for bed or let's go get dressed and she goes and climbs up the stairs. I love watching her try to figure things out and being persistent until she gets it done.

14. I love when she plays peek-a-boo or tries to hide from us. The smile on her face is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. She knows she's cute and she's right!

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jess said...

my one thing i love about haven: her fiesty, spunky, fearless edge! go hay!