Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursdays are my favorite day of the week

I thought that when I got up this morning we were going to have just another rainy, inside day. Thankfully it turned out much better than that! I called Amber this morning to see what they had going on today and discovered that her day was looking to be as low-key as ours. So we made a plan to hit the mall for some lunch and shopping. We had a great afternoon (well, there was an unfortunate diaper blowout midway through, but I am trying to block that out!) and Haven and I even got some new shoes. Amber and I beat the system and took advantage of the buy one get one for 50% and each got a pair for $7. That's what I'm talking about!

Cale came home a bit early so I could head over to my friend Dawn's house. She decided a few weeks ago to use her ability and passion to organize the ladies in our house church and get us exercising. Tuesday we walk together and Thursday she leads us in some torturous form of stretching, toning and cardio. It's great to be able to be doing something good for my body and get to hang out with my girls. It was fun, but I am feeling it tonight. The best part- I came home and Cale had cooked dinner! Love that!

Last fall we were fortunate to find a bike trailer super cheap so our whole family can go biking together. It's been rainy the last few days, but we have been wanting to get it attached and give it a shot. It took some doing, but Cale managed to get it working this evening and we took our first ride of the season. Unfortunately 5 minutes into the ride it started raining, but we still had fun. Haven is not a fan of her helmet, but how cute is she. How cute are both of them for that matter?

It turned out to be a wonderful day and now I am going to crash on the couch and veg out in front of the tv. Thursday is my television night- The Office, Grey's Anatomy and ER. I'm out.


jess said...

i must say...that's a very cute sweatshirt your daughter is wearing!

kate said...

someone with excellent taste picked it our for her. it's probably one of the most expensive things in her closet, too (retail price, not your great deal price!)thanks for noticing!