Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not so Hotlanta!

It has been a long, slow week thus far in Atlanta. You would think that this would provide me with ample time to write interesting, informative and challenging posts, but that is so not happening. I have been unmotivated to say the least. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep I am currently suffering from. It's been unfortunate timing of some new medication for me, traveling and Haven being a bit out of sorts.

I haven't left our hotel room a whole lot since we got here. We went for a walk the other morning and found it a bit stressful with all the traffic, hills and not so friendly sidewalks. It made me miss my nice docile bike trail in my backyard. The only danger there is a runaway roller blader on occasion. We have, of course, left for nourishment time-and-again and had a delicious Indian feast the other night. Can I tell you that I get such a kick out of watching my 15 month old eating (and liking!) Indian food?! There have been a few unfortunate too spicy bites, but she deals with it just fine.

Last night we headed to downtown Atlanta and went to the historic The Varisty for dinner. We were greeted with "What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" We made the most of the greasy goodness available and tried a little bit of everything. We were not disappointed. It was fabulous- especially the onion rings! We got to see a bit of the Georgia Tech area and it made us thankful that the Lord had other plans for us than Cale going there for grad school. We are just so not city people. We did a bit of shopping and then headed back to our hotel to get a very cranky girl to bed. Can you believe I went to Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls within one hours time and all I bought was one book for Haven despite my husband insisting I try things on and purchase whatever I wanted? I still can't really. What was I thinking???!!!

That's about all I've got from here. Haven is asleep again- praise the Lord- and I don't think that it's too early to take a nap myself, is it?

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