Friday, February 8, 2008

Link love

Would you believe me if I told you that I had every intention of posting everyday this week? Yeah, me neither. But it did cross my mind! The busyness at the beginning of the week gave way to sickness at the end. Life happened and sleep didn't.

I've been "writing" a post in my head when I've lain awake the last few nights about our "investigation" and the "government agencies" and the "orders" against us. But it hasn't actually escaped my head yet so instead you find yourself reading this. I apologize. Since I don't have anything more to offer you I thought I might as well direct you to someone who does have something to say. The links below are some of the new blogs I have come across in the last several weeks.

Katherine at Raising Five (she's in the midst of home renovations before a move so scroll down a few posts to read some of her meatier posts)

Rahab's Thread is a source of encouragement through God's Word

Jeana at Days to Come wrote this post yesterday that actually might just nix my need to write the aforementioned post about our "investigation"

And if you're looking for some cute Valentine's last minute, has some cute, free cards to print off. We sent a few in the mail today!

Happy weekend!

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Interesting links.


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