Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's game time

People. Today is THE day. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve last night; I had a difficult time getting to sleep I was so excited! It has been a group effort getting us ready for the game- hats and scarves borrowed from one friend, blankets and hand warmers from another, tickets passing hands 3 times to make their way to ours and a helpful Nana to watch Haven.

Here's where I'll be come mid afternoon. See the star? Those are the seats! Six rows up from the field. We are going to get their early so we don't miss a thing. You can bet their will be pictures galore tomorrow. Although we will not be recognizable bundled up under our various layers. The forecast today for Pittsburgh- high of 37 degrees. That's chilly to stand out in for several hours. But it will be worth it!

PS- It's starting to snow! I could not be happier!

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Marisa said...

Hope you have a great time... so glad you got the tickets of your dreams!