Friday, November 14, 2008

A new room

Haven is about to move down the hall into a new bedroom. Her current room will remain the nursery and will be re-done to make way for our new little guy (p.s.- I want him to come home SOON!). We've been dragging our feet and slowly making progress on her big girl room. I realized a few weeks ago why I am so hesitant to finally make the switch. Her new room has been our guest room for the last 3.5 years. We are used to it being empty. But the nursery has been full of light and life for the last three years. When Haven moves into her new room the nursery is going to be very, very empty. It will be physically apparent that we are waiting for someone. And while I know in my heart that we've been waiting, to have the tangible reminder has been enough to make me drag my feet about moving rooms. But it needs to happen and we are finally wrapping up the major projects.

I saw this idea at Pottery Barn Kids and decided to make my own rendition for Haven's new room. A little scrapbook paper, some fabric, buttons and mod podge and here you go:

So my bird is a little goofy looking, but Cale told me he liked it and I kept cutting it down and tweaking it and finally had to stop or I was going to run out of fabric. Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out, save a few cursed air bubbles. You can't see the cute rick rack and ribbon I wrapped the edges of the canvas with so you'll just have to take my word for it that they are there. We painted her walls the palest of lavenders and these look great against the color. I will post pictures in a few weeks when we get it all done and ready for our big girl.

Then we'll tackle the nursery!


philwing said...

they look great! i can't wait to see her big girl room all day. can't wait to see the nursery done too!
ps, i'm really missing our baby today too :)


philwing said...

all day? i meant all DONE, haha. i promise i won't come and stay all day!
(and phil is signed in, oops)

Traci Nelms said...

It's adorable! Okay... Traci must have girl! Must have girl!

Marisa said...

SO cute! I love your creativity!

Jewel Tanka said...

How cute! I love them.