Sunday, November 23, 2008


Cale and I have been busy this weekend. We have been on a mission all month long to get several house projects done before the end of the month. Since we are leaving town Tuesday, our end of the month is coming quick. We made the most of a weekend at home and got a ton of things accomplished. Basement cleaned? Check. Windows washed? Done. Dresser painted? Yes, and full of clothes. Haven's new bedroom? Completed- including all the artwork made and hanging on the wall, a closet shelf and rod installed, and everything moved down the hall. (She's sleeping in it tonight as a matter of fact!). Gutters cleaned, carpets and furniture shampooed, woodwork washed, laundry done, Christmas presents purchased and worked on. All D-O-N-E.

Tonight, I will fall asleep lightening fast, thankful for a home to care for and the exhaustion that comes with working hard.

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