Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learning curve

I always knew that the Lord would use any children I had to teach me more about myself and about Him. This has happened in abundance over the last 3 years and some of the same lessons keep popping up. Hmmm...I wonder why? Lately, there have been many of those moments with Haven. Today was no exception, but perhaps the most profound in recent memory.

Haven and I spent the morning at the chiropractor and running a few errands. We had a great time shopping and talking together, which was a gift because that is not always the case. At our second stop this morning, Hobby Lobby, their was a large nativity set up in the entrance area. We hadn't quite gotten inside the doors when Haven spotted it. She pulled free of my hand and took off running. I heard her sharp intake of breath and she said, "Oh!...Baby Jesus!" She literally fell on the floor in front of him and began stroking his face.

I stopped walking and just watched her, overwhelmed at first by her soft, tender heart. Then came the great moment of clarity. When was the last time I pulled free of all the things that steal my attention or hold me back to run and sit at the Lord's feet? When did I last find myself so overcome by Him I had no choice but to just sit and be in His presence? When was I so taken by Him that I couldn't say anything but, "Oh, Jesus!"?

I'm thankful that the Lord gently uses the heart of my sweet daughter to remind me what's important.

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