Thursday, November 6, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

Sometimes, the best things happen to me on Thursdays. Like today, for example. Despite the fact that my purse, with my phone inside, was sitting on my lap in the car I missed a call from my brother Steve. I was alerted to the missed call when the phone beeped because of a new voice mail. No sooner did I hear, "Kate, call me, " in my ear when Cale's phone started ringing. It was Steve, apparently making every effort to get a hold of us. He spent a few moments with Cale chit-chatting and then the phone passed to me.

The first words out of Steve's mouth are, "Who loves you?" Knowing exactly what he's going for I answer, "Jesus." We play this game for a moment and then he gets serious. He proceeds to tell me that a friend of his offered Steve two tickets to the Steelers vs. Chargers game next Sunday in Pittsburgh. Steve was going to go with my other brother, Mike or an old friend, but then my mom just happened to mention that was the game we tried to get tickets to for our anniversary. (We gave up relatively quickly because the tickets weren't in our price range which means they weren't giving them away for free.) Well, they are free today!!!!

Steve has graciously offered to give us the tickets for the game. And did I mention that they are in the SIXTH row at the 50 yard line, right behind the team?!!!?? WHAT? This is amazing! And you got that they're free, right? Seriously, people, this is so exciting. We just happened to be in a department store when this conversation was taking place and I am not too proud to admit that I was jumping up and down because I was elated. Still am, actually!

So next weekend we are heading to my mom's for part of the weekend and then will leave Haven with her while we GO TO THE GAME. I still can't believe Steve's generousity to us in sharing these tickets. Do I have an awesome big brother or what?!! (And I'm thankful that my mom opening her mouth paid off this time!)

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