Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas morning at our house was great fun this year! Haven was delighted with all her gifts and repeatedly exclaimed, "I always wanted one of these for my own self!"

Her first look at the tree and all the gifts that await us.

One of the gifts I knew she would be very excited about- a carrier for her baby dolls. She is all about being a mommy and taking great care of her babies.

Our budding musician playing both her new "pean-o" and horn (AKA a Saxoflute) at the same time. There is video of this moment, but it's a little hard on the ears so I decided to spare you!

Haven also received a box of dress-up clothes. Her first order of business with the clothes was to "get wedded" to Papa so here she is walking down the aisle. She was adamant that she needed pom-poms to "get wedded". I love this picture because it is such a perfect snapshot of the exuberance and excitement that Haven takes into just about everything she does!

And now it's the Monday after Christmas. We returned home from Nashville last night where we spent the last few days with our family. We spent lots of time hanging out, playing games (we got a new one called Imagniff- really fun!), and trying to keep tabs on 6 kids who were so excited to be together. My sister-in-law took us around the greater Nashville area on Friday to several different thrift stores and we all scored some major deals. We ate a lot of good food prepared by my brothers- both great cooks. They just have quantity issues and make waaay too much of everything.

I'm glad to be home today. We decided to put off returning to normal one more day and Cale took the day off and we went out to breakfast and did some shopping. Tonight will find us ordering pizza, playing High-Ho Cherry-o and watching "Annie" with Haven. Maybe a trip to the library, too, since it is one of Haven's favorite places. I can't think of a better way to end our Christmas celebrating!

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