Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Haven's Christmas Program

Haven has been singing "Away in the Manger" since the end of September; that is when they started working on her school's Christmas program. Sunday night we finally got to see her in action with the rest of her classmates at their "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" Program. We weren't sure how Haven would react to being in front of such a large crowd, but she was wonderful! All the students walked in playing their drums to "Little Drummer Boy." Since Haven's class has the youngest kids, she was the last group to walk in, and because she stopped to give Cale a kiss and a high-five on the way, she was the last child up on stage. She ended up front row center! Which meant she was right in front of her music teacher which probably helped her to stay on task. She sang all her songs, made all the motions and smiled on cue. We were so proud of her!
Playing her drum, making an entrance
Smiling during the Parent Photo-Opp that they had scheduled into the program

My two favorites, after the big show!

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Shiny said...

Where is Haven going to School?