Saturday, December 6, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice...and crossing everything off it!

Haven attended a Very Veggie Christmas program at a local church this morning. It's a great idea and she had a wonderful time. The church had the kids divided into age appropriate groups and they did crafts, had a puppet show, watched a Veggie Tales Christmas movie, ate lunch and got to "shop" for 2 people at the church store. She came home full of stories of what she'd done, a candy cane ornament to hang on the tree and presents for me and Cale, wrapped up and ready to go under the tree.

The whole idea of the Veggie Tale Christmas is to provide parents time to get some Christmas shopping done and even passed out coupons to parents as they left the building. So we did just that! It had been snowing all day long and provided the perfect backdrop for us to finish up our Christmas shopping. We ventured out to the local outlets and had a good morning shopping and just being together.

After one more stop this evening I am delighted to report that I AM DONE Christmas shopping! Honestly it isn't that great of an accomplishment because we didn't have that many presents to buy, but it still makes me feel good to have everything crossed off my list. I am also happy to say that we have stayed within budget and have made every effort to get thoughtful gifts, not just bought stuff to buy it. Know what I mean? That fills me with peace on earth (well at least my home!) and goodwill toward men!

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Amber said...

congrats on being done :) now you can just enjoy the next few weeks!