Friday, January 30, 2009

She's got her own ideas

I had this conversation with Haven the other day about her upcoming 3rd birthday.

Me: Haven, what do you want to do for your birthday?

H: Umm, blow out my candles. All by myself! I don't need annny help.

Me: Okay, we can do that. What kind of cake are you going to have?

H: Strawberry. Strawberry Shortcake with a big H on it.

Me: Okay. What else would be special that you would like to do on your birthday?

H: Just blow out my candles.

Me: That's it?

H: Well, maybe someone could get me a castle. Like the one I saw in that magazine and a pony and a carriage and some people.

Me: Yes, that would be nice. What should we have for dinner on your birthday?

H: Chicken, roast beef...carrots.

Me: What kind of chicken do you like?

H: The white kind. And roast beef, too.

Me: Okay.

H: And maybe we could have some friends over. To eat cake. With a big "H" on it. And blow out my candles. All by myself. Mommy, I don't need annny help!

All duly noted and taken care of. (Except we're having pizza, not roast beef!)

I doubt she will always be this easy to please!

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Julie said...

how funny. she says some pretty cute things:)