Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life as we know it

Cale and I had a wonderful time last weekend. We had almost 48 hours of just focused time on each other and it couldn't have been better. We'd recommend A Weekend to Remember to anyone!

But it's been back to life as we know it this week. Haven's been taking a gymnastics class at our local rec center and she's loving it. She's spending lots of time doing head stands and back bends and trying so hard to do a cartwheel (we're not quite there yet!). She's also decided that this week she needs to learn how to use a knife and spent 5 minutes cutting up her pancake at breakfast. But she did it and was proud of herself. Breakfast also found us telling jokes back and forth. Haven loves the idea of telling jokes but doesn't get it yet. We're going to have to find a joke book at the library next trip I think!

And then there's Mati. He is one crazy, busy boy! Yesterday we discovered that he is terrified of umbrellas, especially pink Princess ones! Also has a fear of a spiky dinosaur toy that Haven was chasing him with. Or maybe it's just because she was chasing him with it while roaring in her meanest voice. He fell of his little bike in the kitchen last night and busted his lip up. He has some sharp teeth and they just went right through his bottom lip so he's walking around with some super large lips today! Last night Mati also refused to eat his dinner (a first!), spent a lot of time in time-out for hitting and gave about a hundred kisses to his mama. You take the good with the bad, right?

Completely unrelated, I just felt the need to share that my kids both have short sleeved shirts on today. I forgot how darn cute their little elbows are! I can hardly wait til they can wear shorts and I can see their cute knees all day long!

So that's life as we know it so far this week and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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