Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trying to play hooky

Last night Cale and I were able to go on a date (thanks, Amber!). Before we left I was sure to set up the VCR to record my favorite Tuesday night show to watch at a later time. Yes, I did just say VCR; we are old school around here! My to-do list is not that long this afternoon, but a dirty kitchen floor is definitely on the list. I decided to skip it and watch my show instead. Well, joke's on me. I just settled in to enjoy a few minutes of it while the kids are napping and guess what? I recorded three hours of QVC instead!

Guess I better go clean that floor!


Amber said...

oh no! i saw it recording and i was so happy you'd get to watch the shows i was watching at a later date. i cried...several times. hulu maybe?

Marisa said...

Oh no! So sorry you missed it! I bet your floors are squeaky clean after you took your frustration out on them!