Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A simple skirt (or how I burnt off frustration and a bad mood in about an hour)

Sunday afternoon there was no mistaking I was straight up grumpy. Not sure why or where it came from. I just was. In an effort to spare my family more of my wrath I decided to focus my energy on something productive and creative. Here's the finished product:

I used this simple pattern and instructions and even I, the beginning sewer, was able to complete the skirt start to finish in about an hour. Not my favorite fabric choices, but it was what I had and Haven never shies away from anything bright, butterfly-y or purple so I figured it was going to be a hit with her. Eight strips of fabric sewn together with blanket binding as a waist band and it was done. I can see more of these skirts in my sewing future!

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Marisa said...

Impressive Kate! I really like this pattern! I might have to make one for Lydia.