Sunday, February 20, 2011


Remember me? Not sure what's happened the last week, but I do know what's occupied my time this weekend.  A certain little boy entered the world and he's already taken residence deep in my heart.  I'm not technically his aunt and he's not technically my nephew, but who cares about technicalities.
We hopped in the car Friday afternoon and ended up pulling off a great surprise, that was never intended to be surprising.  I spent lots of time with the new little family, celebrating and laughing and just sharing in the joy that this baby's arrival has brought into the world.  I wouldn't have been anywhere else this weekend, but by their side.
Haven got denied entrance twice, so we snuck her in.  She was desperate to get her hands on this little guy.  Can't say I blame her; I would have smuggled him out of that hospital if I could have!
Sweet Micah, I'm so glad you're here.  We've been waiting and praying, trusting and hoping. And the Lord has outdone Himself with you.  A perfect gift, from the Perfect One.

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jess said...

you're makin me cry... not like it takes much these days (maybe i shouldn't read blogs at 5 in the morning) :) Thank you for giving me that wonderful surprise - i love you and you made the weekend even more special than it already was.