Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh, Haven...

I honestly don't know where Haven comes up with this stuff.  But it worries me a bit.  She loves to play Just Dance 2 with Cale and I.  Her favorite song, hands down- "It's Raining Men."  She started crying today when I tried to dissuade her from listening/dancing to it.  And all day long she's been singing, "It's raining men, Hallelujah! It's raining men!:

As if it's not disturbing enough, my soon to be (as in 24 hours from now!) 5 year old set me over the edge with her dinner time comments.  Man vs Wild is not a show that I typically let our kids watch, but Cale was relaxing on the couch after suffering a concussion (for real- he slipped on the ice and was crazy-freaking-me-out confused- it deserves its own post!).  Haven was sitting with him to watch.  At dinner later on we were talking about it and Cale asked her what her favorite part was.  Without even thinking about it she replied, "When he got n*ked."  What???  Bear does get n*ked in just about every episode it seems, but that was her favorite part!?!?  And then she added," I'm gonna remember that for a long time."  I promise you that they never show anything inappropriate!  But I'm disturbed that it seemed so memorable to her for some reason.  It's not like she's never seen some pasty white man thigh before (only her dad's of course)!

Oh, dear...what am I going to do with this girl!  Guess we'll just listen to bad 80's music together.


Amber said...

maya's fave just dance 21 song is "toxic" by brittany spears. what is up with that?! can't stop laughing about her comment about man vs wild!

Marisa said...

So funny! Glad Cale is doing better! Scary, huh?!