Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake House 2011

As mentioned before, we spent the weekend at a lake house with members of our home group.  One of the families in our group owns a house on a small lake in Michigan and they invited us all up for a long weekend. Friends + large body of water + good food = perfect weekend!  We all had a great time being out on the water, fishing off the dock, playing games after the kids were in bed and getting to know each other better.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I thought I did.  But here's a few of our fun...
 Early morning canoe rides
 Tubing with buddies
 Mati was my brave guy and went with his little buddy, E (and Cale, too!  We didn't put two 3 year olds out there alone!)
Beautiful clouds giving us a break from the scorching sun
Our trusty boat that safely hauled all 17 of us around the lake!

We are so thankful for this group of people to share life with.  We celebrated lots of first with adults and kids alike.  Our kids love being together and even after 48 hours together had only minor issues.  It was a great weekend and something we hope to do again and again!  Next year, we'll bring the boat!

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