Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two years later

 Two years ago today, you slept in my arms as we drove away from a place that was never home to you.  I silently cried, overwhelmed by the unknowns that laid ahead.  I cried because I had to leave Silas behind.  I cried because you were a sad, frightened baby and I didn't know what to do to fix that.
But God did.  He saw it all...each piece of the puzzle of your life moving together to unite us as a family.  He poured out His love to us, that overflowed to you.  He filled us with extra grace that carried us through the beginning of our new life together.

And today I could sit here and cry because I'm overwhelmed by the amazingness of YOU!  I love you, Mathios Jon Kumalo!


jess said...

i can still remember the feeling i got in my stomach and the lump in my throat the day you sent me your first picture of Mati. i was sitting at work and had to choke back the tears. reading this i have the same feeling.

Amber said...

I am a crying mess! So thankful for all that God has done in the lives of our boys and our families. Once again reminded me how thankful I am that you were there to give our babe love when we couldn't!

Marisa said...

Thanks for sharing your heart about his adoption. I'm just so teary eyed sitting here remembering your journey to meet him. Can it be that long ago? Love you, Mati!