Monday, July 18, 2011

Must watch soon.

We had the pleasure of spending our weekend at a lake house with friends from our home group.  That means two things: we had a ton of fun and I have yet been able to watch the SERIES FINALE of the greatest show ever...Friday Night Lights. (Come, on!  You knew I wasn't going to let it's ending pass without mention!)  This is killing me.  People are writing about it and Amber and I need to debrief and I have yet to watch it!  I spent 14 hours in the car yesterday that prevented me from watching and I told Cale I would wait for him, but I don't know if I can keep that promise.  There's a lot of hours to go til tonight.  And we both know that I'm gonna watch it more then once anyways.  Amber emailed me as she watched and it only heightened the anticipation.  When she mentioned that she was alternating between crying and clapping, I knew I was gonna love it. I've got to watch it soon or I might explode!

And the was great.  Picture proof to come!

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