Friday, October 19, 2007


Today is our five year anniversary. In honor of my best one and the day I became Mrs. Cale- a list of fives.

Five things I didn't know about you when we got married
1. You snore quite loudly, but can be shoved on to your side to stop
2. You have an amazing ability to sleep through your alarm
3. You are exceptionally handy- I think you even surprise yourself sometimes!
4. You can fall asleep in less than 30 seconds
5. You eat very slowly

Five things I love about you as a dad
1. You get such a big kick out of Haven and love to just watch her
2. You love to get down on the floor and play monster, and ark and let her ride on your back
3. You love to sit and rock your baby when she wakes up when we go to peek at her before bed
4. You are willing to do anything for Haven, especially if it makes my life easier
5. You are modelling to Haven how a godly man lives his life and loves his family

Five places we've travelled to
1. Chicago
2. Las Vegas
3. Boston
4. Namibia
5. Atlanta

Five new things we've done together
1. Did a short stint as missionaries in a foreign land
2. Got a mortgage
3. Remodeled a house
4. Became parents
5. Dreamed about adopting

Five foods that you will now eat (almost without complaining)
1. Eggplant
2. Mushrooms
3. Tomatoes (if cut into small enough pieces)
4. Spinach
5. Macaroni and cheese

Five things we've learned about each other
1. We are very different
2. We are a fantastic team
3. We can and will work through anything that comes our way
4. We are each other's biggest fan
5. We dream big dreams

Five places we've vacationed
1. Banff, Alberta, Canada (where the ruining began!)
2. Cape Town, South Africa
3. Norris Lake
4. Lake Martin
5. San Francisco

Five things I admire about you
1. You have a strong work ethic that challenges me
2. You are a gentle leader
3. You know what is important to you and will do whatever it takes to protect it
4. You want to be a better version of yourself and set about to make that happen
5. You are level headed when I am not and this is greatly needed to strike balance in our family

Five songs that will forever make me think of you and smile
1. "I'll Catch You" The Get Up Kids
2. "Fell in Love at 22" Starflyer 59
3. "New Year's Project" Further Seems Forever
4. "We're at the Top of the World" Juliana Theory
5. "U Got it Bad" Usher (we'll thank Jess for this one!)

Five things that I appreciate about you
1. You love my cooking
2. You make me laugh
3. You are a great encourager
4. You aren't always the best listener, but you at least admit it when you aren't!
5. You always want the best for me

Five reasons why I love being your wife
1. You are easy to serve because you are so appreciative of what I do
2. You make me feel like the most important person in the world
3. You push and encourage me in a gentle way that makes me want to grow
4. You know me and yet still love me
5. You are disillusioned about my greatness

Five things you didn't know about yourself before we got married
1. You give great back rubs
2. You can change a diaper pretty darn fast
3. You like to go shopping with me (well, we're still working on this one)
4. You are a Steelers fan
5. Your favorite place in the world is wherever we are together

Five things I hope for our next five years
1. Adding more little Zs to the gang
2. Traveling to Ethiopia to get at least one of them
3. Serving alongside you in ministry
4. Growing together to be more like Him
5. Learning to love you better

Happy anniversary, Cale! I love you!

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