Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little bit off

To say that our week has been off-kilter is a dramatic understatement. Haven punctuated our week perfectly when I went to get her this morning and found her pant-less, diaper-less and with a bed soaked where she'd peed on it. Delightful. It actually made both Cale and I laugh because it was either that or cry.

The details of my week involve the words "investigation" and "inspection" and had strangers walking around my home with little booties on their shoes and rubber gloves and "samples" and and x-ray machine. Sounds like a crime scene doesn't it?

But the week has also found us celebrating first birthdays- one of the sweet little girls in our house church and our very own nephew, O. New babies have been welcomed into the world and marriages celebrated. When I look at that part of our week there is a lot to be thankful for. And I'm learning that when I look at the inconvenient, hard stuff going on, there is much to be thankful for, too. God is shifting and changing my perspective on circumstances and stretching me to trust Him in a new way. Enough of my whining and complaining about what's happening to me. There is something to be gained from walking through this and if I don't take my eyes off myself, I will miss it entirely.

The interruptions are life. ~C.S. Lewis

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jess said...

i love that cs lewis quote.
i'm learning this too.