Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ode to fall

O, fall...where are you? I see glimpses of you here and there. But I don't like your teasing little game. I sense you in the cool morning air that requires a coat when we go for a walk. I smell you in the breeze as we crunch your falling leaves underfoot. I know you aren't far off when I need to use the extra blanket at bedtime. But where are you now? I can't seem to find you anywhere as the blazing sun warms us all to 80 degrees again. Why can't you come to stay? Why are you being so volatile?

I long for a day when flip flops would not be adequate footwear. I hope of a day when my sweaters won't be lonely on the shelf. I dream of wearing my new jeans with some boots and not having my feet sweat. Am I asking too much of you? Do you not yet realize that it is OCTOBER already?

What do you have against me wanting to cook soup for dinner? Why do you insist that my down comforter remain in hiding in my closet? Do you not like the apple cider this season? Are the pumpkins not to your liking? What is it that causes you to tease me? Tell me and I will fix it.

O, fall... please come today. Please come to stay.

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