Sunday, August 3, 2008

So long...farewell

We said a fond farewell to Cale's '92 Corolla today. Cale listed it on and within 45 minutes we signed away the title and had a stack of cash in hand. He removed the listing once the guy left with the car and within that hour and half we had 5 email inquiries. We were amazed and wondering if we should have asked for more. Thank you craigslist!

However, it was not an entirely painless farewell. I cried. I admit I am a sentimental fool and when the reality of the car not being around hit me, I was a mess. My mind was flooded with memories of the last 7 years of life... our DTR talk...the first date...newlywed roadtrips...the (painful) ride home from the hospital with our daughter...countless amazing conversations...the talk that confirmed in our hearts we were to adopt...all took place in that little Corolla. She served us well and we'll miss her. (But I am thoroughly enjoying my new car so I'm pretty sure I'll get over it fast!) We are in a season of change in many areas of life and this is just another, albeit trivial, one.

When the guy left with the car Cale said, "And just like that, she drove out of my life." So long...

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Marisa said...

such a great post! When I was little we had an old car that my parents drove to the junk yard. While we were there they put the car on a crusher of-sorts and demolished it. I think my parents thought we would enjoy seeing something so cool. Not me! I started bawling which completely took my parents by surprise! I hated to see the ole girl go! I guess I'm a softie too!