Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help me help you

Why is it so hard to let people help us? I've been thinking about this all week as I've had various reasons for needing help. Why do I feel bad, guilty and heaven-forbid, needy when that is exactly what I am? Why do I hesitate to take some one up on an offer of help, even in the simplest things? Why do I feel like I'm imposing or burdening when I finally give in and let someone help me? Is it pride? A sign of weakness to admit I can't do it everything? I'm not sure of the answers to all these questions, but I have realized that most of my reasons for not letting people help me are selfish ones. Sometimes its just easier to make myself crazy then to let someone help. Sometimes I'm just stubborn and will make everyone around me miserable just to prove that I can do it. Yep, it's that nasty "P" word- pride.

I truly enjoy helping other people, but here comes the irony... I get frustrated when someone doesn't let me help them. I don't understand why someone won't take me up on an offer of a meal or babysitting or a ride somewhere. Why won't they let me help with some cleaning or an errand or borrowing something? I don't get it.

Or maybe I do. I guess I need to keep in mind the next time I am refused an offer of help that they might be struggling with the same things I am. It's not fun or easy to admit we can't do it all, but what a blessing it is, on both sides of the equation, when we let someone help.

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