Monday, September 8, 2008

Today's his day

Cale is 28 today. We've been celebrating for the last two days and aren't ready to stop just yet. Tonight there will be another special dinner and more cake and presents. He is certainly worth celebrating so we will get as much bang for the buck as we can out of the day he was born.

I was doing a bit of reflecting earlier and remembered back to the first birthday of his that we celebrated together. It was the big 2-1 and it was a night to remember. A big dinner with friends, cake at my apartment, running into my house with my car, getting carded at the grocery store and smashing an expensive bottle of red wine on my brother's white tiled kitchen floor (and then mopping and scrubbing that floor!). (I just re-read this and it sounds like I was quite intoxicated, I can assure you that was not the case!)

It was back in the days when we were "just friends" who spent a lot of time together and thinking about that night makes me smile and be thankful for how far we've come; how much we've changed, but are still the same. He's still the goofy boy with the weird last name that makes me laugh. It's just that now I'm the girl with the weird last name, too, and I'm still laughing.

Tonight we'll be celebrating as a family of three with hope in our hearts that next year we'll be a family of four. It will be a night of celebrating who Cale is, who he was and who he has yet to become. Happy Birthday, Cale!

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Anonymous said...

Awe sweet story. Happy b-day Cale. Hope it's a good one!