Thursday, September 25, 2008

The traveling life

We are living up the traveling life this week: eating out, swimming in the hotel pool, visiting new sites, and just hanging out. Haven and I have spent our days learning about the letter "D" and making dinosaurs, dragons, dogs and reading lots of books. My bag full of fun is providing plenty of it and I've still got a few tricks stored away in there for today. We went shopping at the outlets near by and I spent a whopping $2.90. I was trying to find something to buy, evidenced by the 20 stores I went into, but just couldn't do it. I finally broke down at Baby Gap and bought Haven this hat.

I think it was worth it, don't you?

(I interrupted her apple-eating-Super-Why-watching to take this pick. She wasn't too happy about it!)

Not much else to report except that we have an almost cyclone/tropical depression bearing down on us today. Seems we can't escape the high winds no matter where we go. So tonight will be spent doing an indoor activity I think. But no worries, we've got "The Office" season premiere to keep us warm tonight! Finally!!!

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