Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Signs of Fall

Fall is in the air my friends! Nevermind its going to be almost 80 here this weekend; I'm believing. The signs are everywhere around our house!

-It was 48 degrees outside when I got up this morning. That's practically winter around here!

-Cale had the fun task of removing the A/C units from our bedroom windows. He then spent 15 minutes trying to jam them into the wrong box before he realized his mistake.

-We needed jackets and long sleeves for our family bike rides the last two nights. Can I tell you how much I love going for a bike ride in the evenings when its cool and the sun is setting?

-All I want to cook is soup for dinner. It's taken great self-control to stick to the menu plan and wait til next week to whip up some soup.

-Football season started last weekend! And its well documented on this site how much I enjoy the sport and the Steelers. In case you care, we started the season with a thrashing of the Texans. We will now be busy Sunday afternoons, occasionally Sunday nights, a few Mondays and the random Thursday. Love it!

-My favorite sign of fall though is footie pj's. We broke Haven's out last night and the sight of them just makes me smile!

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Amber said...

Fall here we come!!! Love it! Haven looks so adorable in her little stripey footie jammies. Did I tell you Maya is freaking out if her feet are covered at bedtime? ALL of her jammies for this winter are fleece with feet! Ugh.