Sunday, January 4, 2009

A fresh start

We're slowly making our way into 2009. This weekend has found us slowly dismantling the house and returning it to it's usual state. The tree is out on the curb. The decorations are tucked back into their boxes and settled into their corner of the closet for the next 11 months. The last Christmas cookie has been eaten and all the candy we've seemed to accumulate has been dispersed (read: taken to Cale's office). All the gifts we received have found their way to new homes and the new games have all been played at least once. It's a gray day outside and it feels kind of gray inside, too.

Tomorrow is the first Monday of the new year. I'm a big Monday person so the fact that it's also the start of the first new week of the year excites me. I have many goals and plans for the new year. I don't like to call them resolutions, first because that is so cliche, but also because failure seems to be synonymous with resolutions. I'm going to go with goals. That means I have something I want to accomplish and have a plan to get there. Some big, some small, but all with the hope of making me a better wife, mom, household manager, friend, and ultimately, follower of Jesus. And that's the bottom line. If I strive to accomplish new things (or old ones that I haven't quite mastered) because I want to prove a point or show the world I can or draw attention to myself then I will end up failing. This year, more then ever before, I am aware that all my striving is for nothing if I'm not first striving after Christ (Philippians 3:8).

I want to know Him more this year. And through growing to know Him I hope to love and serve my family better, serve unselfishly whenever I can, be a better steward of the resources given to me, take greater care of myself and grow in knowledge and in truth.

Welcome, 2009. I'll see you tomorrow!

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Traci Nelms said...

We're setting goals in this household, too. I don't like resolutions either! I so appreciate hearing your heart come forth on your blog. :) Love you, sister.