Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Goodbye 29

Today is my last full day of being 29. An entire decade of my life comes to and end and I'll be moving into a new category... a woman in her thirties. I'm totally okay with this. My 20's were an amazing, incredible time in my life. I enjoyed being a single woman with the freedom and ability to travel all over the place and serve the Lord is some wonderful ways. My 20's brought me Cale and marriage, overseas missions, home ownership, a baby, being a stay at home mom, and settling into the life that He's called me.

Today I will spend my last day as a twenty-nine year old hanging out with a friend and watching our daughters play. I will tuck Haven in for a nap and lay down beside her for a few extra minutes of cuddling. I will fix dinner for our family and be thankful for our warm house. I'll scrub the kitchen and sweep the floor, because someone has to. Today will be not all that different from tomorrow or a thousand tomorrows after it. But that's fine with me; I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Amber said...

happy birthday :)