Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Favorites

It's been a long week at our house. So there is no better way to end the week then with a list! Some of my favorite things from the last few weeks...

-I originally purchased this purse for my sister-in-law's birthday, but loved it so much that Cale picked up my hints and is getting me one as well. I just can't decide which one I love the most. They are all great and I love the idea of having a handmade, practically one-of-a-kind bag. Go check out Tippy Thai's etsy store here.

-I read Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer daily, but today she made me cry. Go read her beautiful post about her new niece that is arriving from Ethiopia very soon!

-Sesame Street is a favorite around here. Last week I discovered that at they have a very nice interactive website full of learning games, short video clips and coloring pages. Haven has become obsessed with "playing her games" and has been known to throw a fit when we say it is time to quit. We've passed quite a bit of time playing counting, alphabet and matching games this week and Haven thinks she is big stuff getting to use the computer. (Please note that she doesn't play them by herself. She gets to click the button occasionally, but for the most part just tells us what to do and we do it for her.)

-Right before Christmas the bedding that I've had my eye on for the baby's new room finally went on clearance at Target. Now it's been out since last April so I was waiting patiently for this stuff to go on sale. Amber, being the great friend that she is, texted me from "her" Target to tell me the good news. I raced over to "my" Target and found it even cheaper- 50% off! Since then I have found several of the other coordinating blankets and toys at 75% off. I love Target and I LOVE 75% off!

-Haven loves to go to the library. She also loves the color pink. On a recent trip I found a great book that we have both enjoyed reading, over and over and over again. "Priscilla and the Pink Planet" is such a cute story and I'm betting any kid- not just a girl who loves pink- would enjoy it! It's on our short list of books to buy with birthday gift cards at Barnes and Noble.

-For several months now I have been "playing" The Grocery Game. I was initially skeptical about whether I would save enough money to make it worth while, especially since I don't buy very much prepared food. I have gladly been proven wrong week after week as I have purchased dairy products, cereal, toiletries, cleaning products and stock piled my pantry. I have become a bit of an addict trying to beat my savings from the previous week. Go here to read all about it. You can try it out free for 4 weeks and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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