Sunday, February 14, 2010

a thousand moments

for my true love...

your love is freely given, so pure and easy i sometimes can't look it in the eye for fear of being swallowed whole. no games, no expectations, just strong and steady and always available.

our love has been thrown into the fire, tested, but came out intact. there are scars from the burns we suffered, but they fade with each passing year.

you've been made to choose and what a privilege that you keep choosing me. i don't deserve it. your love always feels so big and selfless; it is bright and clear. my attempts at returning always seemed tinged with selfishness, motives, diluted. you deserve better then that, but i know you dismiss these thoughts as ridiculous.

you are still delusional about the greatness of me. and i love you for it. it makes me want to be great, to be who you see when you look at me.

your love is safe and solid and home. it's the sharing of a thousand moments of inconsequence, except to you and me. it's in the knowing of our oneness and the mystery that ensues.

it's you and it's me. and it's us.

and it is very, very good.

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Marisa said...

This is absolutely beautiful! So well put, Kate! Now I need to go find a Kleenex!

Hope you had a fantastic, refreshing weekend!